About Us

The Who, What, Where & Why


WHO is the USCO?

The USCO, or United Senior Citizens of Ontario are a group of seniors who volunteer to fight to make life and living in Ontario a little better for all Seniors living in Ontario. 


WHAT do we do?

We present briefs to and discuss with governments at all levels all issues Seniors face thus trying to enhance benefits for all Seniors.. Clubs all have their own set of activities with some focusing on cards, exercises for seniors, crafts and all clubs focusing on fun and fellowship. The Zone 42 gather quarterly on the third Monday of the Month at 10:00 am. We always have a guest speaker geared especially to concerns of Seniors; we hear USCO news and hear from the clubs especially special events and concerns they may have. Of course there is always a snack and time for some fellowship as well.


WHERE is Zone 42 in Ontario?

Zone 42 covers the area between Apsley at the north, Codrington at the south, Peterborough at the west and Havelock at the east. We include the communities of Apsley, Bobcaygeon, Buckhorn/Kawartha Lakes/Harvey-SmithSelwyn, Douro Dummer Chemung/Bridgenorth/ennismore, Peterborough, Asphodel/Norwood, Havelock/Belmont/Methuen, Fenella, Hastings, Campbellford & North Brighton/Codrington. 


WHY are we here?

We are here not only to bring fun and fellowship to all our seniors in our communities but also to gather support for the work of the United Senior Citizens of Ontario. Each August delegates gather to discuss resolutions sent in by all clubs so that we can refine them and take them to the appropriate government level to try to bring improvements to the quality of life for all seniors across Ontario. 

As a Zone, we have an executive who run the Zone business, and a Field Representative who liaisons between the United Senior Citizens of Ontario Executive, the Zone & the Clubs.

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